Early Detection of Targeted Attacks – A disruptive approach

Security’s New Challenges
As the perimeter-less organization expands along with advanced threats evolving at an exponential rate, organizations have and need to change the way they think about Cybersecurity. With the failure of IDS and antivirus agents, it’s no longer enough to monitor for known threats or to rely on stale security products that provide an inaccurate, after the fact view of your environment. Organizations must focus on detecting data breaches in real-time and respond appropriately to minimize the harm that can be done.
Kill Chain Defense with GTB’s Security Intelligence APT Platform
By combining GTB’s disruptive detection engines with its content aware reverse firewall, security teams can receive an infrastructure wide view of sensitive data movement which aids in the identification, understanding and containment of attacker attempts to extract sensitive data.
GTB’s Cybersecurity APT Solution includes features that secure, manage and monitor sensitive data. Each component of the modular solution can be managed independently or utilized in combination for endpoints, databases, applications, cloud storage, network devices, security appliances and more. Deployment options include on-premise, off-premise, in the cloud and everywhere else.
Using Expedient Solutions for both APT & Data Protection
In SCADA like fashion, Expedient’s APT alerts and prevents, in real-time, unsanctioned sensitive data extraction enabling incident response teams to disrupt, respond and contain a possible APT / malware attack while assisting in the education and /or management of end user behavior.
Expedient APT solutions provide the ability to:

Monitor and inspect all transmissions for Malware phoning sensitive data home.
Inspect Transmissions of Encrypted data.
Inspect Transmissions for sensitive content and Encrypt sensitive data only by policy, blanket encryption protects Hackers and Frenemies.
Flexible, Scalable Security Investigations
Real-time Forensics
Workflow, Metrics and Data Visibility

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