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Is it possible that a vendor can find 100% of software vulnerabilities?

It is highly unlikely that any vendor or organization can find 100% of software vulnerabilities, especially in complex software systems. There are several reasons for this: Complexity: Modern software systems are incredibly complex, often comprising millions of lines of code and involving intricate interactions between different components. It's virtually impossible for humans to thoroughly review…
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What is UEBA & UBA? USER AND ENTITY BEHAVIOR ANALYTICS / USER BEHAVIOR ANALYTICS UEBA is a cyber-security detection model which uses “machine learning” or imprecise detection methodologies to detect what appear to be  user / entity behavior anomalies. IS UEBA NEEDED FOR DATA PROTECTION? Many UEBA vendors claim that if your DLP solution creates…
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Our DLP Experts are familiar with enterprise data protection challenges that are associated with the office of the CISO (Chief Information Security Officer.) We can help you focus on best practices for DLP policies and DLP process along with its associated organizational & challenges.   Expedient Solutions’ DLP Experts also are engaged to provide guidance with…
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