Is a patent assertion entity (PAE, aka “patent troll”)  the inventor of US 7788481 *?  

You decide.    Let’s discuss:

“Publication number US7788481 B2
Publication type Grant
Application number US 10/524,725
PCT number PCT/NL2003/000585
Publication date Aug 31, 2010
Filing date Aug 15, 2003
Priority date Aug 19, 2002

Also published as EP1530862A1, US20060253774, WO2004017599A1

Inventors Albert Louis Ceasar Christophorus Matthias Bik,  Alexander Johannes Gerardus Degen, Coenraad Leo Siman Visser, Rajesh Lachman, Franciscus Hendrikus Nielen, Less

Original Assignee Nederlandse Organisatie voor toegepastnatuurweterns chappelijk Onderzoek TNO “*

Here are just of few of the many prior art publications we recently found for US 7,788,481 COMPUTER NETWORK PROTECTION


  • Filing date 2001-10-11  Method for controlling access to protected content US7761706
  • Publication date 2002-07-11   Electronically verified digital signature and document delivery system and method  US 20020091928 A1

  • Publication date 2002-07-11  System and method for remotely-managed content distribution network US 20020040389
  • Filing date 2002 – 05- 21  Methods, systems, and devices using reprogrammable hardware for high-speed processing of streaming data to find a redefinable pattern and respond thereto
    US 20030221013 A1


Publication date 2002-03-28
“HOW DO YOU KEEP YOUR INSIDE INFORMATION from leaking out? ”  Vidius Port Authority


Invalidity – Model Jury Instructions


will the above patent survive?  You decide



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